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Calder was formed in Iceland when the paths of Lárus Sigurðsson and Ólafur Josephsson crossed. They decided to join forces and the result was a 5 track album of improvised, experimental, dreamy electric guitar music.
“Calder” was released through Ólafur´s Vogor Recording outfit and later picked up by Unlabel in the UK for their Series52 releases in a very limited pressing.



Tónlist Pers mun slá þér gullhamra, hún mun nudda á þér sköflungin, minna þig á miðalda bronsnisti og dreifa glimmer yfir móður þína. Hún jafnast á við bestu hárnæringu, allra besta frunsumeðal og fínustu satínsloppa.Hún er náladofi svanga mannsins, þungur höggdeyfir á þilfari. Hún er goggrót straumandarinnar, ökli sílamávsins og naglaband emúans.



Náttfari was formed in 2000 and became part of the Icelandic alternative rock scene at the turn of the century. The band played many live shows in that period, they supported Trans Am, Low and Dianogah, and performed at the Iceland Airwaves in 2001 and 2002, receiveing good reviews. Their music can be described as dreamy and atmospheric, with dynamic and vivid drums and elements from different directions such as rock, electronica, ambient, jazz and classical music.



Stroff is a indie lo-fi band featuring our bass player Árni Þór Árnason on guitar. They play very cool indie rock in the vein of Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr.


Lárus Sigurðsson

Studied the classical guitar at the College of Music in Iceland. Graduated 1993.
Studied musicalinstrument making at Emerson College U.K. 1998
Art teacher training at the Iceland Academy of the Arts 2005.
Art Theory at the University of Iceland 2011.
Larus has released 6 albums with ambient, experimental guitar and home made musical instruments