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“Hausi” – new album funding

Help us fund our new album through Karolina Fund

Releasing an album is a costly project and at the same time challenging. Therefore, we have decided to look for your help,dear listeners, and Karolina Fund to fund the album with us. We like to offer you this album as a vinyl, cd, digital download or a digital download. We are very proud of this album and look forward to gently placing it in your kind ears. The album contains 9 tracks composed by the band members between August 2016 and March 2017.

“When I listen to it, I see an odd collection of nomads sitting in a beat-up 20-year-old brown Volvo driving through the country. A blonde head sticks out the back window and the wind makes her hair dance” – ICELAND REVIEW


Stafrænn Hákon - Eternal Horse

Stafrænn Hákon - KÆlir Varðhund

Stafrænn Hákon - Sanitas

Stafrænn Hákon - Prammi

Stafrænn Hákon - Gummi

Stafrænn Hákon - Ventill/Poki

Stafrænn Hákon - Skvettir edik a ref

Stafrænn Hákon - I astandi rjupunnar

Stafrænn Hákon - Eignast Jeppa



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